3D Printing

Since we started as a Product Design Consultancy in 2000, 3D printing has been a cornerstone of our business providing our designers with the in-house facility to rapidly test designs and produce models for customers. As a result this has enabled our product development team to create and manufacture parts, equipment and new products accurately, reliably and rapidly.


Design Reality to offer full electronic design services, including electronic schematic capture and both PCB design and assembly. Within these capabilities our team has experience working with mixed signal design, embedded radio technology design, and small batch prototyping. Additionally, we are also positioned to provide firmware and software design, utilising common languages such as C, Assembler, Delphi and SQL.

CNC Machining

In house we have 2 mini CNC machining centers that are perfect for producing parts and tools from PU model board. We can 3D print machine jigs

Laser Scanning

Got a part with no CAD data? We can scan parts up to 404.6mm (16”) high and 254mm (10”) in diameter and supply reverse engineer CAD data that can be used for manufacture or further CAD operations. Furthermore the Picza offers Dual modes - offering both rotary and plane scanning for optimum performance

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