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    14 Years Of Product Design Consultancy

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We are relentlessly customer-focused, and dedicated to delivering design solutions for the real world. Whoever the end user is -  a nurse, a patient, a soldier, a firefighter, a doctor, a supermarket shopper - we always put their lives and needs at the heart of everything we do, from first concept to final production. We strive to lead our industry demonstrating that innovation can change everything.



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Product Design

After 14 Years of Design & Consultancy we are passionate about designing products from start to finish.

3D Printing

You can trust us to meet your needs and timescales and exceed your 3D Printing expectations.

Design Consultancy

See how we can enable you to precisely and rapidly realise your conceptual innovations.

Product Development

Our Product Development team can meet your goals, and with the strictest level of confidentiality.

Our Design Services

At Design Reality we specialise in all aspects of Product Design Consultancy, focusing on Product development through Industrial Design, Product Design and the aid of 3D Printing, we can support your projects from Concept through to Manufacture.

We’ve built our name on developing products that are as beautiful in function as in form. Products that add significant value and deliver genuine real life benefits.